Space Glider The endless runner IN SPACE.

Coming soon

An Endless Runner, you're a commander of a small ship trying to escape through a warp tunnel to take an important message back to earth.


  • Procedually generated
  • Get upgrades for your ship
  • Unlock cosmetic upgrades
  • Endless & Hard Modes
  • Completely Free & No Paid Content

Cardacus The Online Card Game

Available on The Play Store Now

Play online classics like 21/Blackjack and a variant of Crazy 8s, play single player versions against A.I or play unique puzzle games. Available for free on The Android Play Store.


  • Online Multiplayer
  • Single Player Classics
  • Puzzle Modes
  • Unlock Special Cards
  • Customize The Game

Cardacus Main Features

Online Multiplayer

Play BlackJack (21 Mode) and a variant of Crazy 8s (Cardacus Multiplayer) against people all over the world.

Single Player Classics

If playing online isn't your thing, you can play against the Artificial Intelligence with blackjack (21) and Cardacus Mode (A variant of Crazy 8s).

Puzzle Games

Unique to Cardacus is puzzle missions, unlock the mystery of an ancient egyption cube in the back room of a dusty museam, or maybe your thing is just match-2 card games, because they're in there too!

Collect Special Cards

Collect all of the "unlock cards" and cosmetic card backs... unlock cards change the game in unique ways. Fancy having your card flip sound a meowing cat? You can do that!

Unlock Items

Make progress! When you play most modes or get something from the shop you earn XP, use your XP to unlock free items.

Kept up to date

Dilapidated Meow plan to support Cardacus with multiple updates, stay tuned!